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How To Make Cake Frosting

When creating frosting to decorate a cake, there are many different alternatives available. To save time, it might be tempting to purchase pre-made goods. Even though some of these products are excellent, homemade frosting is superior.  Wondering how to make cake frosting at home? You can begin experimenting with various tastes once you have mastered the fundamental formulas. Trial and error is a part of the process because everyone's taste buds are unique and some people have a stronger sweet desire than others. But a fantastic place to start is with one of the following frosting recipes. Or you could also choose Tropolite's whipping cream which tastes divine and will certaily give your dishes extra shimmer! 

Whipping cream

What You Need 

  • Butter: 1 cup/ 230 grams
  • Heavy Cream
  • Powdered Sugar: 3 cups
  • Vanilla Extract
  • A Pinch Of Salt


Step one: Start by putting your unsalted butter out in advance so it can soften. This will guarantee the frosting's smoothness and creaminess. You can manage the salt content of your dish by using unsalted butter. Additionally, use real butter instead of a butter alternative like margarine. Just until it's silky and creamy, beat the butter with a mixer for approximately a minute. This recipe works just great with both a stand mixer and a handheld mixer!

Step two: Next, add the powdered sugar. Sometimes referred to as confectioners sugar or icing sugar, the powdered sugar thickens and sweetens the frosting. The powdered sugar should ideally be sieved before use.

Pro tip: To prevent spilling it all over the place, start mixing the butter and powdered sugar together at a slow speed. To make things simpler, you can add the powdered sugar 1 cup at a time.

Step three: After combining the butter and powdered sugar, add the heavy cream, vanilla essence, and a dash of salt. To ensure sure everything is thoroughly incorporated, pause, scrape down the sides of your bowl as necessary, and then re-mix.

Simple, right? We bet you did’nt expect it to be this easy when you googled “how to make cake frosting”! This frosting is now ready to be piped onto cupcakes or used to garnish a cake. Alternatively, you may keep it in the fridge until you're ready to use it. And voila, you have learned how to make cake frosting! Tropolite is another option if you don't have much time to make frosting at home. Along with the best whipping cream in India, we also offer a variety of cake premixes, including red velvet premix, vanilla cake premix, white fondant, and more!

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