surbhi jain | on May 13, 2022

Mango Curd Cake

Method of Preparation

For Mango Curd:

  •  In a pan take sugar & mango pulp. Cook it and reduce it to 50%, add salt,  vanilla essence and Mango Aroma.
  •  Dissolve agar-agarin waterin a separate bowl.
  • Add agar-agarto sugar and   mango pulp mixture. Pour the mango mixture into a flat mould and keep in the   deep freezer for at least three hours or till set. 

For Mango Mousse:

  • In a mixing bowl take yoghurt, whisk it till smooth. Add fresh mango pulp and   mix well. Add Crystal whipping cream and mix it well.
  • Dissolve agar-agar with water in a separate bowl. Add agar-agar mixture in   the mango mousse and mix well.
  • In amousse ring arrange Vegitrop Vanilla Sponge,soak with Mango Aroma   sugar syrup and apply 30% of the mango mousse. Now takeout the mango   curd from the freezer and arrange on mango mousse.
  • Now apply 30% mango mousse onit,Place Vegitrop sponge Vanilla apply the   remaining 40% mango mousse.
  • Set into the deep fridge for three hours or till set.

Mango glaze for Decorating:

  • In a mixing bowl take Flexi Cream and mango pulp, heat them on slow flame till it boils. Add white chocolate and mix well.
  • Switch off the flame and sieve the mixture in a small bowl Now add Mango aroma. Leave it to cool.
  • Remove the Cake from the ring and cover it with Mango glaze and decorate with fresh mango and garnish with dark chocolate.

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