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All You Need to Know About What is Ganache?

Ganache is a combination of chocolate and cream in equivalent parts by weight. The smoothness of ganache relies on premium whipping cream, which is the best option for chocolates and frosting cakes. Having more chocolate allows for a firm ganache with the consistency of thick glue at room temperature that solidifies upon refrigeration. So what is ganache? and what makes it a bakers staple? Ganache is not just liquid topper but also used to make truffles- This ganache is frequently framed into balls and moved in cocoa powder to make basic truffles.

Note: Heavy Cream or Heavy Whipping Cream: Please ensure not to use half and half as the ganache won't set up properly, for non-dairy alternatives you may use canned coconut milk. A 1:1 ratio of cream to chocolate has to be used. The consistency and texture are just perfect to make your perfect chocolate ganache. If you don't have the time and wants a quick chocolate ganache to use as topping, check out Wonder ganache. The chocolate has a deep flavour and the texture is ultra smooth.

Recipe : 

  1. Finely chop the chocolate of your choice and keep it in a bowl and into a heat-proof glass bowl
  2. Heat cream on the stovetop until it just simmers. Make sure that the cream is not too hot, you do not want to end up with burnt chocolate.
  3. Once it just simmers, pour it over the chocolate, and let it rest for 2mins 
  4. Now stir until you get the smooth texture 

Ganache is an absolute masterpiece that allows you to up your baking game, it is a life saviour when it comes to decorating your cakes, ice creams, and spoons. Additional refrigeration of 2hrs gives you a perfect smooth spread for desserts and can be piped into use for numerous creative decorations.

Having a hard time a finding good whipping cream? Discover delicious whipping cream to cake mixes in one easy place, check out Tropolite, the best-whipped cream brand in India. Everything from whipping cream to even ready to use chocolate ganache. If you're a busy soul and wants to ensure your baked goods are of good quality Wonder Ganache is a great option for all your chocolate needs! Contact us to learn more. 

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