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Top 5 Popular Cake Making Methods!

Who doesn’t love a moist, decadent cake? We can easily bake one from scratch or resort to a quick cake premix; for instance, a vanilla cake premix is a great option that you can use to bake a delicious cake in minutes. The various cake-making methods are determined by the techniques you use and the result you wish to achieve. In this blog we will be sharing the five most popular cake making methods amongst bakers! 


Creaming is the process when the cake is made using butter or block margarine. The fat and sugar are beaten together until it is creamy and pale. The eggs are slowly beaten into this mixture in parts. Expert advice while following this method -  take care to use block margarine as with soft or whipped margarine the texture changes. 


The process of rubbing begins with fat rubbed into the flour, much like a shortcut pastry. It is a quick and straightforward method where butter, lard, and block margarine can all be easily used as alternatives for fat. 

Boil and Bake 

This is a  quick method where fat and liquid are boiled together before the flour is added. 

All in flour 

As simple as it sounds, this method requires you to mix all the ingredients in one go. All the ingredients are dropped in a bowl together, and the mixing is done in seconds. Soft margarine is tailor-made for this recipe, just make sure you use a good quality margarine while using this recipe. 

Whisking method

This method requires the wet ingredients to be whisked. After gently adding the dry ingredients to the wet, fold eggs and sugar to make the damp mixture. Add vanilla essence to the wet mixture to avoid the smell of egg. Whisk well until all lumps become smooth.

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