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Learn how to make idli at home in just four simple steps!

Do you enjoy South Indian food? Idli is really simple to prepare, so here is the recipe. There are now two methods for producing idli at home. Discover how to make idli at home, and in only 4 simple steps. Those who appreciate soft idlis ought definitely to try this idli recipe. This typical idli recipe uses items that are easily found (at Tropilite), such as idli mix, salt, etc. Use this recipe to effortlessly make soft idli batter for a nutritious breakfast or snack.

Here is a simple idli recipe that just calls for basic ingredients and is extremely simple to make. Idli is reported to have a very high nutritional value and a low-calorie count. This recipe is simple and fast, making it perfect for anyone trying to reduce weight!

Here is the recipe for the classic Idli made with idli mix:

Step 1: Mix the idli mix

Firstly, mix the idli mix flour, water, and sour curd well. Create a lump-free, smooth batter. Add 12 teaspoons of fruit salt or eno after that. Remix thoroughly. Idlis are then steamed for 10 to 12 minutes in the idli pan. Avoid adding baking soda since it gives the idlis a soapy smell.

Step 2: After allowing the batter to ferment, add salt.

The idli batter must now be well fermented. This step is crucial to obtaining fluffy, soft idlis. Keep the batter warm so that it can ferment. Add salt to the batter once it has risen, and whisk to thoroughly combine.

Step 3: Place the idli batter in the idli stand.

Take a ladleful of batter and fill the idli mold after greasing the idli stand with oil. Idli steamer with 1/2 cup of water added; bring to a boil. Close the cover after inserting the idli stand. Before turning off the gas, wait for 8 to 10 minutes for the steam to accumulate.

Idli recipe


Step 4: Before scooping the idlis out, let the utensil cool somewhat.

If you're using a cooker, steam it for 10 minutes without using the vent, then turn off the gas. Wait for the steam to dissipate in both situations before removing the idli stand. After another five minutes, scoop out the idlis using a sharp knife. Serve warm with sambhar and coconut chutney.


For a substantial supper, you may also serve the idlis with sambar and coconut chutney. Some people also enjoy eating orange-colored plain idli with tomato-garlic chutney since it gives the meal additional taste and flavor. Semolina-based idlis are now widely available but might be a bit tricky to stomach.

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