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How To Make Whipped Cream For Cake At Home?

Growing up, seldom did we know about our very own home-made whipped cream. What we only knew about was the store-bought heavy cream, also known as the heavy whipping cream. But in case, you still do not know how to make whipped cream at home, ahead are some important listicles and a foolproof recipe from us at Tropolite, which you can keep in mind from the next time. This might also be a game changer for you! Let’s take a deep dive to know more. 

What you need: 

We’re ditching the store-bought whipped cream today, by following a three-finger rule. 

  • Heavy Cream: A rich cream which is heavy on fat such that it can be whipped properly
  • Confectioners’ Sugar: The cornstarch in confectioners’ sugar prevents the whipped cream from weeping when it sits out. Moreover, it adds sweetness.
  • Vanilla Extract: This adds a simple flavor but takes your cream to the next level.

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A foolproof recipe for your home—made whipped cream

  • Start with mixing your cold and heavy unbeaten cream, confectioners’ sugar, and vanilla extract in a chilled bowl, preferably a metal one. Remember, the colder the cream is, the easier it will be for you to mix, and the quicker it will whip. 
  • Mix the ingredients together slowly, and gradually increase your speed to make the cream much more thick and fluffy.
  • Mix it until you get a stiff peak in the cream. It simply means that when you stop mixing or take your whisk out of the cream, the peak that forms will hold its shape.
  • Beat the mixture for just a few seconds more, and make sure that your cream stays stable.
  • Enjoy with a dessert of your choice, or you may also eat it straight out of the bowl! 
Make whipped cream at home

Can home-made whipped Cream be stabilized?

You may use powdered sugar to ensure that your whipped cream doesn’t droop. But for better results, keep your ratio of whipped cream to  powdered sugar, 2:1. But in case you're not able to understand which one of the whipped creams will be the best to go ahead with, consider searching for whipping cream online or whipping cream near me.


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