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How To Decorate A Cake - For Beginners

So you've decided to decorate a cake! You may have done it before, but it's also possible you haven't. In any case, you're not an expert. Does it seem about right? Great! You've arrived at the correct location. For the new home baker, we've put up this short instruction that focuses on key cake design skills on how to decorate a cake.

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Tools Required:

  • Rotating cake turntable
  • A serrated cake or bread knife.
  • An offset palette knife to apply frosting without dragging your fingers through it.
  •  Pastry bags or Ziploc bags
  • Cake smoother/scraper: This tool is used to smooth icing and create beautiful lines and patterns.

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Tips on how to decorate a cake:

  • If you're going to bake and decorate a cake, it's a good idea to divide the task into parts. Also when you frost frozen cakes, they don't crumble as much, making it much easier to apply your crumb coat. Flattening cakes gets easier if your cake is frozen. Make use of a cake turntable. Turning the cake instead of walking all the way around makes the task much easier.
  • Cakes Should Be Leveled. For this, serrated knives are generally recommended. You have to cut off any dome-like structured cake tops and make them flat. Don't worry about the bottoms; they should be flat already from the pans' bottoms. However, make sure they're leveled so the bottom of the layers doesn't wobble. (You can also use non-dairy whipping cream by searching “non-dairy whipping cream in India”).
  • Apply a Crumb Coat to the surface. Next, you need to frost the cake with a crumb coat application. A Crumb coat is a way of applying frost lightly, that seals any crumbs so that when the final coat is applied, there are no crumbs visible in the icing. Allow the crumb coat to set properly before you apply the final coat of frosting.
  • A cake smoother or scraper (also known as a decorating comb) is a flat metal tool that has one flat edge and one serrated edge. It will yield a sharper result than a spoon or palette knife, but a good knife will do fine. Place the stacked layers on the turntable and spread a dollop of frosting on the top with your palette knife while rotating the cake.

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  • Piping should be practiced. It takes practice to make ornamental flowers and other forms with a piping bag and numerous tips on how to do it. Of course, nothing beats getting your hands dirty with cake decorating, but practicing on wax paper rather than the cake is a great way to get started.


The sight, smell, and taste of spongy, dense cake layers wrapped in wet icing and topped with luscious berries, crunchy almonds, and chocolates is a treat. Oh my goodness, the cream icing! It makes you salivate, and the abundance of toppings gives your cake a lovely speckled appearance. This article is all about simple, lovely, and delicious cake decoration ideas for you to try at home. Visit the Tropolite website for the fantastic Tropolite Whipping Cream.

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