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From Porridge to Pudding! Know all there is to know about Christmas Plum Cake

It’s Mid-November, and with the excitement of festivities soaring, we can’t wait for the Christmas season to kick off. A traditional Christmas delicacy that we are familiar with and wouldn’t mind trying our hands on: a delicious Christmas Plum Cake. 

Before we get into it, did you know that Plum cake was initially a Porridge that evolved into a Pudding (that we ever so gratefully indulge) of today? You are shocked right?

The process of making Christmas Plum Cake began in Medieval England. As the tradition goes, people observed a period of fasting before Christmas and on the eve of Christmas, a sumptuous porridge was consumed to break one’s fast and to prepare the stomach for the upcoming feast. The porridge was made with ingredients such as oats, dried fruits, spices and even meat. Well, the ingredients have now changed to flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Although these ingredients pretty much form the base material for our Christmas Plum Cake, every household has its very own unique plum cake mix recipe depending on the preferences of the lady of the house. Plum cakes of today’s age use alcohol like beer, black rum and red wine. 

There is a wide range of Christmas Plum cakes. The most common are the ones made with either dried fruits or with fresh fruits. Despite originating from England, every country, region and household has its own version of Plum cake varying in size, ingredients and occasion of serving. We at Tropolite offer you a wide variety of baking products and recipe guides to make your baking experience easier than ever and to go yum-yum at every bite. Try our plum cake premix, a widely bought product and let us know your feedback. We also have the perfect products to decorate your cake such as white fondant and chocolate ganache.

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