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Different Types Of Cream You Must Know!

The cream is a dairy product made from a thicker layer of a fatty, yellowish substance that collects on the top surface of unhomogenized milk. This is removed from the milk's surface prior to homogenization. The cream's stability and skill to whip smoothly will depend on how much butterfat is present in it. When used in cooking, higher fat creams often taste better, have a richer texture, and don't curdle as quickly.

It's easy to understand cream. However, there are different types of cream.  That said, because it's so versatile, you might cook with it or consume it throughout the festive season. It complements coffee, pie, soup, and other foods with its velvety, smooth texture. And this is when things become complicated. Depending on its fat content and preparation methods, such as fermentation or whipping, the cream can take on a variety of forms. There is a certain sort of cream that goes well with every meal, we bet due to the different types of cream! Here is the list of different types of cream to get you going.

Whipping cream

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Heavy Cream

The majority of people undoubtedly consider heavy, or "pure," cream to be the first dairy product to be easily whippable. The thinnest of the creams, it's ideal for mixing into a creamy pasta sauce or a hearty mushroom dish. Heavy cream cannot be whipped into the delicate peaks needed for desserts. If fresh milk isn't homogenized, heavy cream, which is milk fat, forms on top. The process of homogenizing milk transforms the fat in it into tiny droplets that float in the liquid while remaining suspended in it. It should not be confused with pasteurizing milk, which uses heat to destroy any potentially harmful bacteria in milk. The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, regulates what constitutes heavy cream, as it does with all food-related items. They have ruled that the maximum amount of fat allowed in heavy cream is between 36% and 40%, with milk making up the remaining liquid. Only 36% fat heavy cream is often available at supermarket stores. The best products, 40%, go to restaurants.

Double Cream

Double cream is a very thick, dense cream that whips up readily and can be used in a variety of dishes and desserts. Working with the thick cream can be challenging since it separates when overly whipped and has a propensity to become quite stiff. Double cream is less fatty than clotted cream but denser than American whipping or heavy cream due to its 48% butterfat concentration.  Given that fat functions as a carrier and prevents separation, double cream's high-fat content makes it a great accompaniment to hot dishes. This is why it is frequently utilized in dishes like creme caramel.

Creme Fraiche

Creme fraiche, also known as crème fraîche or simply "fresh cream" in English, is a rich cultured cream. Similar to sour cream or Mexican crema, cultured cream is cream that has been soured by bacterial culture. The flavor of crème Fraiche is nutty, tangy, and somewhat sour, and it contains around 30% fat. Many appetizers, entrees, and desserts include creme fraiche as a thickening or condiment. With a pH of about 4.5, crème fraîche has between 10 and 45 percent butterfat.

Clotted Cream

Clotted cream is manufactured historically in Devon and is the richest and thickest form available. To create the golden crust, it is lightly scorched. It may be spooned and does not require whipping before serving. Because it tends to separate when heated and has a fat level of between 55% and 60%, clotted cream is not advised for cooking. It is typically served with jam on scones, but it also tastes great with ice cream and fresh fruit.


Simply put, half-and-half is a combination of whole milk and cream. Although it is not nearly as thick as cream, it is richer than milk. Due to its ideal balance between being too thick and too thin, half-and-half is frequently used in coffee. Half-and-half that is purchased in stores has been homogenized or emulsified, to prevent separation when combined with other components.

The world of creams is endless and each of them serves the same purpose, to enhance the dish it's being used in. However, nothing beats some good ol' whipping cream. But, finding a good cream is not as easy as googling types of cream. Having a hard time finding good cream? To discover delicious whipping cream and more in one easy place, shop from Tropolite, the best-whipped cream brand in India. White fondant and vanilla cake premix are only a couple of the products that Tropolite offers. 

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