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Decorative Whipping Cream Designs Ideas!

Whipping cream, called chantilly cream, is made from heavy liquid cream. The liquid cream is whisked until it forms a light and fluffy texture. Dairy-free whipped cream is also now readily available in the market for lactose-intolerant people. Once stabilized, whipping cream is a perfect alternative to buttercream frosting. This blog has handpicked the four most popular whipping cream design ideas you should know about! 


Swirls are hand down the easiest to nail. You will need proper equipment, or you can even hand-make one yourself. It can be plain or colorful, depending on the theme of the cake.


Roses are perfect for cakes on valentines day, anniversaries and weddings. Adding a little red food coloring to your whipping cream can create stunning designs for your romantic occasions.

Rose Design


If you're ever planning to use wave style for your cake, blue is your color! Waves are easy to make using a knife. Use a mix of white and blue for the best results.

Waves Design


As the name suggests, this technique can be used for a birthday or a fun celebration. Sunflower swirls in orange and white just put one in a celebratory mood.

Fondant, chocolate ganache and the recently explored whipping cream are the three most popular cake-decorating methods. Whipping cream is quite popular with bakers as it can create various styles. Just make sure to invest in premium quality whipping cream to get perfect peaks every time! 

Also, read our blog on how to use whipping cream for some quick tips and tricks while using whipped cream. 

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