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Beginner Baking Tips Everyone Should Know!

Imagine, you’re having a house party, and the food menu looks fantastic. Moving to desserts, here’s where you have even outperformed yourself. So much so that your guests are wondering whether you have taken any professional help or made these all by yourself.  So, with a few smart tricks, tips, and help, you can unlock the next level of dessert making. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

  • Do invest in a digital scale 

  • According to Kyle Bartone, ‘’Using measuring cups to measure ingredients by volume is very inconsistent,” Kyle Bartone is the executive pastry chef of Eataly Downtown in New York City. Many people wonder about the perfect consistency and weight of cafe and bakery cakes. The secret sauce is digital scales. They use it every step of the way. Not only the batter ingredients are weighed out for better cake, but the batter is also weighed into the pan to make sure. This ensures every layer is the same. They even weigh out the frosting for each layer to make each layer consistent, even, and perfect. 

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    Digital scales are pretty affordable, so if you’re passionate about baking and want to reach the next level of perfect baking - a digital scale should be on your to-buy list. 

  • Freeze before Seize 

  • If you’re already into baking big cakes and extravagant desserts, cookies should be a child’s play. But this small yet efficient tip can take your baking to another level when it comes to cookies. 

    Prevent cookies from spreading in the oven by freezing them for at least 15 minutes before baking. Just freeze your cut cookies for 15 mins before tossing them in the oven. This chilling time will firm up the butter so that when you keep them in the oven, the butter doesn’t melt quickly. It also prevents the cookies from getting de-shaped. 

    Are these tips inspiring you to bake a cake? Maybe for yourself? Check out Tropolite’s wide range of heavy whipping creams online to satisfy all your baking needs. 

  • Notice the color change, chef! 

  • While creaming time is the essence. Creaming butter and sugar together helps add air to the dough, thus making your cookies lighter. Spend enough time while you’re adding butter and sugar otherwise, your cookies will become dense. A good way to know to understand how much time should you invest it in is to see the color change. Mix together till the time the mixture changes color and lightens. 

    It ensures enough air has been sufficiently incorporated into the mixture. It takes about 5-7 mins depending on the quantity. Don’t rush this step. Enjoy the color change. 

  • Up your flair for cake flour 

  • This might be one of the simplest hacks to make your cakes from very tasty to pan licking good! A specialized flour that’s exclusively used for cake baking. Even though plain flour sometimes is good, a special touch of cake flour can make your cake airier. How? Cake flour has less protein than all-purpose flour, which leads to your cake developing less gluten and less gluten means a more tender cake.

    Tropolite tip - If you’re completely out of cake flour and quick cake needs arise, remember this - 

    1 cup all-purpose flour – 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour + 2 tablespoons cornstarch = 1 cup DIY cake flour

    You’re welcome! 

  • Room temperature eggs are good advice - 

  • Mostly all the recipes welcome room-temperature eggs. And it has a solid reason. If you're someone who keeps your eggs in the fridge, remove them 20-30 minutes before you’re actually going to bake. 

    Room temperature eggs prevent creamed butter from getting cold and seizing up. Even when you have to use whipped eggs, room-temperature eggs make whipping them easier. 

    Tropolite tip - The size (of the eggs) matters - 

    While we’re discussing eggs, double-check if your recipe requires large-sized eggs. If your eggs are smaller or jumbo, the ratios can differ and ultimately your recipe won't reach that level of 


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