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5 Creative Ways For How to use whipping cream powder

Whipping cream in its powdered form is mostly used to prepare spreadable topping cream, which is super easy to make. More and more people today, are preferring whipped cream powder over whipped cream since it is excellent in terms of its volume and stability after whipping, making it perfect for all cakes and confectionery applications. This is why we at Tropolite, have brought forth listicles and some useful pieces of information about Whipping cream powder, which you may look at every  time you fire your oven up. Let’s dig in. 

tropolite whipping cream

Some green flags for whipping cream powder:

  • The whipped cream powder can be stored at an ambient temperature offering significant cost-in-use performance over creams. 
  •  Provides an excellent shelf life and maintains high quality on the shelf.
  • Doesn’t require freezing, unlike whipped cream 

Chief uses of Whipped Cream Powder: 

#1 Ice cream:

Consider adding whipped cream powder into the mix and see for yourself, the way your homemade ice-creams taste way better. In a bowl add milk, whipped cream powder, cold water and combine the same. Put food color of the required quantity. Refrigerate it overnight. 

#2 Sponge cake:

Who doesn’t like a sponge cake, readily garnished with whipped cream? Did you know that you can make whipped cream out of whipped cream powder as well? So, in case you’re confused about which whipped cream will be the best pick for you, consider browsing for whipping cream online or whipping cream near me. For cakes and confectionery products, whipping cream powder in most cases is a vegetable-based whipped cream in powdered form that can be used to prepare spreadable topping cream.  

#3 Frozen desserts.

Whipped cream powder, in the case of frozen desserts, is mostly used in small amounts that need a tad of creaminess. WC powder helps in making your frozen desserts, ultra-luscious and thick in texture. 

#4 Hot chocolate:

Consider mixing whipped cream powder, an adequate quantity of milk, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa powder, and cornflour, to give a rich flavor to your chocolaty drink. 

#5 Soups:

Whether you want to make a cream of broccoli soup or a cream of chicken soup, whipping cream powder is the star ingredient for turning every other clear broth soup into a rich cream soup, in minutes. 

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Is it healthy?  

Whipping cream powder is high in calories but also rich in healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals. It's generally used in small amounts, so it's extremely unlikely to add significant calories to your diet. 

How does it taste?

WC powder usually has a rich, fatty and creamy flavor. But if you wish to make whipped cream out of the powdered form, either for a pastry filling or dessert topping, it might taste creamy and sweet.

Bottom line:

For more such ravishing recipes and baking solutions, we at Tropolite have come up with an all-in-one solution for the baker inside you! Tropolite Foods today, is one of the largest Manufacturers and Suppliers of Bakery and Ingredients, specially customized for your homemade recipes, including Tropolite whipping cream, cake mixes, and several others

In case of any further queries, drop us a message or contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out with your baking skills. 

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